API World

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Start Date: 1st September, 2018
End Date: 12th September, 2018
Time: 01:00 am to 01:00 am (UTC-7)
Repeat: Event repeated every 3 weeks
Cost: $67
Location: San Jose, CA, USA


API World 2018: The Power of the API-Driven Economy.

PIs are the fusion of business & IT and the backbone of the $2.2 trillion market for the API Economy.

The "Application Programming Interface" or "API" -- the cornerstone of today's cloud-based software and hardware -- are the secret to the modern enterprise, one which plugs into an ever-growing open ecosystem of API-driven services.

API World 2018 puts API Innovation, API Design, Microservices, API Strategy and API Services on center stage. API World 2018 covers topics including: Internet of Things APIs (connected cars, connected homes, devices), Marketing APIs, Infrastructure-as-a-Service APIs, and Data and Machine Learning APIs, just to name a few. If you are a decision-maker, manager or developer at a startup or enterprise that consumes or provides multiple APIs, API World 2018 is your event.


Do you provide private APIs to your internal organization or public APIs to third-party developers? The API World Conference can help you optimize these relationships.


Learn how to design, monetize, strategize and market, and scale APIs to billions of calls. Also, learn how to discover, consume, and manage APIs in a secure environment.


Event workshops will teach you to become a better programmer with APIs including panels and fireside chats with outstanding speakers, tons of developers to exchange knowledge, and close interaction with disrupting API companies.


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